Arella's World


Arella is member of an aquatic species on a mostly water covered moon called Amphitrite. She's my take on a scientifically plausable mermaid. She lives in a pod similar to cetaceans here on Earth. Her kind evolved from land based hominids who were forced to adapt to life in the sea when their gradually continent sank.

Living in water limits their tool making options, but they have become quite skilled with domestication and selective breeding. Like whales, they migrate around their single, large ocean. Their world is tidally locked around a colorful gas giant called Serel. Serel looms fixed in the sky and they use it to navigate. Because they can't see Serel on the Amphitrite's far side, few have ever swam there. Legend as it that the far side has a small group of islands: their world's sole remaining land.

Arella has never seen land, but the idea of it fascinates her. She loves to explore. She hopes, one day, she'll get a chance to discover something that amazing.


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