Quita in Second Contact


I'm a programmer by day so, technically, I'm already a professional writer. Writing for entertainment, of course, is very different.

As an introduction to story writing, I choose the screen play format for my first big story, Second Contact. Like programing, screen plays are rather structured so I was able to concentrate on story details rather than figuring out how to write in an entertaining style. Screen plays should also be entertaining to read, but this was an intermediate step for me. I'd be nice to see someone play Quita on the big screen. If I do develop a talent for story telling, I'll try to rewrite the screen play to give Quita her shot at Hollywood fame :)

I'm now working on converting Second Contact to a novel format.

Story details

The premise of my story is Love Develops Courage. It's about A Shy, risk adverse young man who meets a stranded alien and develops the courage to protect her. I'm trying to keep it scientifically plausible and only break one law of physics (faster than light travel) and one law of probability.

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