About me

I enjoy creative projects of many types. I taught myself how to draw. I'm not a natural at it like the cartoonists who draw a character all at once ... with a pen! I use pencils and lots of erasers. When computers became powerful enough, I made the switch to digital art and 3D graphics (control-Z is much better than an eraser!).

I make my living writing software, but am now exploring the world of creative writing. I've made my first big story story, Second Contact, as a screenplay and am now converting it to a novel. I'm a big fan of Science Fiction and my first story involves a permanently stranded alien who has to adapt to her new life on Earth.

I have a degree in Physics and enjoy reading and watching science fiction. With my science background, I get annoyed when stories get too many science facts wrong. A few bendings of the rules that help a story are OK, but they should be limited. Now that I'm starting to write Sci Fi myself, I'm going to try to stick to these principals.

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This page last updated 24-Jan-2018