Quita's Physiology

Species name: Twiconhomo daemonium

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Caudal humanoid. Typical adult height ranges from 1.6 to 2.0m tall. Typical adult weight ranges from 50 to 80kg.

Daemons have a prehensile tail that can grip at its base. The base looks a bit like a palm. The other side of the base is covered with hair. The rest of the tail is hairless.

They have a pair of short horns on their foreheads that their ancestors used for defense. They have pointed ears that are a bit higher on their head.

Daemon feet have four toes with the front their feet being a bit wider. There is a gap between their big toe and other three toes. Their hands have five digits with the two fingers after their thumb being longer (than human's). Finger and toe nails are a bit thicker than a human's.

Gender differences:

Males have no face hair nor nipples. They are smooth chested. Males have non erect penises (like cow teats) that have to be stimulated to ejaculate. Their testices are inside their body.

Females have two breasts they use to nurse their young. Their breasts only enlarge during lactation. Otherwise, they are the equivalent to an A or B cup size. Females have articulated labia that stimulate male penises. They are usually dominate in sex.


They are a nocturnal species. Their eyes have a tapetum lucidum increasing their sensitivity 7 fold. Their visual acuity, however, is only 20/40.

Their eyes about 20% larger than human. Pupils contract into vertical slits. Females have pink irises while males have purple irises.

They can see light from near ultra violet to yellow (285 nm - 610 nm). Unlike most humans, they are tetrachromats. They can distinguish many more shades of color than typical humans. Their four primary colors are Violet: 340nm, Blue: 390nm, Green: 445nm, and Yellow: 505nm. This ability evolved due to their ancestors hunting a mimic species of fish that very closely resembled a toxic species. Their 4th primary color allowed them to differentiate the two species and avoid being poisoned.

Daemon color response plot is on the left, human response plot is on the right for comparrison.

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The following photos attempt to illustrate differences between their vision and humans'. Again, Daemon photos are on the left, human photos are on the right. Note: red hues are absent in the Daemon photos, but this isn't a complete simulation since your monitor and most humans don't have four primary colors.

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They have a weaker sense of smell compared to humans. Their hearing range is 18-16,000 Hz with similar to human sensitivity.


Daemons have two hearts that are synchronized. One pumps to the lungs and the other pumps to the body. If one heart is injured, the other can keep the body alive in a semi-conscious state.

They are carnivorous and have difficulty digesting plants.


Daemons give live birth typically to a single child. Sexual maturity occurs around 12 years of age. Females are continually fertile between puberty and roughly 50 years of age. Females do not have menstruation cycles. Their vaginas can redirect sperm to avoid pregnancy. They engage in sex for both reprodution and pleasure.


Their bioengineering have made them genetically resistant to many of their infectious diseases. Bad physiological genes were culled long ago and, with advanced medical support, they enjoy good health for nearly all of their life. They are vigorous and strong for about 90 years, then die relatively quickly.


Daemons are strong swimmers and can hold their breath for a long time. They are ambidextrous. They sleep around 10 hours a day. They can't get drunk or 'high'.

Bio compatibility

Daemons can metabolize Earth food. They are not effected by Earth viruses or most microbiotic pathogens. Their microbiotic pathogens do not harm Earth life. (Pathogens are usually too specialized to harm other biosphere organism's, but some planets have been found to be incompatible).

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