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Quitatamitranle or Quita (pronounced Kweeta)) is a young 'woman' from an old race of aliens that live on an Earth like planet about 94 light years from here. While she appears demonic, don't judge her by her looks. She's actually really nice. In fact all her people are. They're more cooperative than us and have never had any wars. They prefer to defuse interpersonal tension with intimacy rather than violence. As we said in the 1960's: Make Love not War!

This type of society can be found here among Bonobos (Pan paniscus). To the untrained eye, Bonobo's look like Chimpanzees, but behave very differently. While the male dominated Chimps often give in to their violent urges, Female dominated Bonobos behave more like 'adults', expressing strong levels of altruism, compassion, and empathy.

Quita's people had their industrial revolution over 160,000 years ago. They've long ago made every scientific discovery possible and perfected all their technology. They live in an unchanging world somewhat like our ancestors. Our ancestors had it pretty rough, though, dealing with disease, famine, natural disasters, not to mention crime and the occasional war.

Quita, on the other hand, enjoys a mainly disease free world with few serious challenges. Her people can look forward to around 90 years of good health followed by a relatively quick death. They have no religion and believe death is the end of their consciences. They take life very seriously and enjoy it to the best of their abilities.

They spend the majority of their time in exploration, sports, pursuit of the arts ... and each other. They have recreational sex quite often with no need for privacy nor sense of shame. Sex is key to their prevention of conflict escalation.

Quita is the adventurous type. When growing up, she looked forward to training for space flight and seeing the galaxy. In a story I'm writing, Quita is accidently stranded on Earth and has do deal with some rather extreme culture shock.

She's also a Dungeons and Dragons character I created in college. I recently started playing D&D again and Quita is now an 11th level wizard. As in the novel I'm writing, she is stranded on an alien world. In her D&D world she had to learn the art of defense in order to survive.


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