Quita in D&D

Strength 10
Dexterity 10
Constitution 16
Intellegence 19
Wisdom 14
Charisma 14

Lawful Good

I created Quita when I played Dungeons and Dragons in college. Back then, she worked her way up to a 4th level Magic User in Advanced D&D.

Recently, I met a dungeon master (also called a game master) looking for new players for his campaign. When I told him my character was an alien rather than one of the traditional D&D races, he found an auxiliary race for her called Risen Demon. D&D's creators, Wizards of the Coast, opened their game format to allow others to add to this already rich world.

Risen Demons were defined by Fantasy Flight Games in their book Legends & Lairs: Mythic Races. They describe Risen Demons as true demons who regret their dark heritage and do good deeds to offset the damage other demons have caused. Because they look demonic, they face prejudice. Quita doesn't have a dark past. She's not trying to correct bad things her people did, but she does resemble a demon and also faces prejudice.

We play D&D version 3.5 and Quita is now a powerful level 11 Wizard. She does her best to help villagers and her friends, but is home sick and hopes she can, one day, be reunited with her family. Her D&D back story can be read here.


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